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First Aid and Trauma Kits

Low Cost - High Quality - Practical!
    EMS / First Responder / Fire Department Kits    

Trauma Kit - $179.95

First Responder Kit - $114.95

    Law Enforcement / Gunshot Wound Kits    


Marine Trauma Kit - $378.95

Police Trauma Kit - $109.95

Police Service Dog
Trauma Kit - $109.95

Enhanced Gunshot Wound Trauma Kit - $234.95

Tactical Gunshot Wound Trauma Kit - $109.95

Gunshot Wound Kit - $142.95

Range Trauma Kit - $199.95


    First Aid / Medical Emergency Kits    


Basic First Aid Kit - $59.95

Medical Emergency Kit - $143.95

    Bags, Cases and Supplies    

Bags and Cases
Quikclot Products

First Aid Supplies

Velcro/Molle Adapter - $9.95


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The goal of Practical Trauma is to provide the finest quality products at the lowest possible price with excellent customer service.
With 34 years of experience in Emergency Medical Services and 26 years of providing Emergency Medical Equipment online, we specialize in First Aid and Trauma Kits for both general and highly specific situations and customers.
Our products have been designed with great attention to the specific circumstances in which they'll be used and the training level of those using them.
There's no more helpless feeling than not having the equipment you need when a life threatening situation occurs. Our Kits not only provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you're prepared, but the actual tools you'll need to save lives!

First Aid and Trauma Kits
Low Cost - High Quality - Practical!
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